Wednesday, March 4, 2009

healthy lifestyle

nowadays, healthy is important in our life. there is overwhelming scientific evidence to support the fact that people who exercise regurlarly live longer and do not suffer from major illness such as heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. to keep maintain your healthy is depends on your lifestyle now not bring you any disease. to make it better, you must do exercise regurlarly . however, some people might find it boring to follow the same exercise routine. not only do the exercise, you also need to practice your balance diet. today, many fast food are opened. actually the fast food are not good our healthy lifestyle, it also is not a good menu. it is because in fast food many ingredients that not good to our body. such as oily and others preservative. if you want to life longer and you must to remember that to keep your healthy lifestyle. it is because ''prevention is better than cure''

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