Wednesday, March 4, 2009

healthy lifestyle

nowadays, healthy is important in our life. there is overwhelming scientific evidence to support the fact that people who exercise regurlarly live longer and do not suffer from major illness such as heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. to keep maintain your healthy is depends on your lifestyle now not bring you any disease. to make it better, you must do exercise regurlarly . however, some people might find it boring to follow the same exercise routine. not only do the exercise, you also need to practice your balance diet. today, many fast food are opened. actually the fast food are not good our healthy lifestyle, it also is not a good menu. it is because in fast food many ingredients that not good to our body. such as oily and others preservative. if you want to life longer and you must to remember that to keep your healthy lifestyle. it is because ''prevention is better than cure''

Monday, February 16, 2009


Malaysia is not a party to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, nor are there any international or bilateral treaties in force between Malaysia and the United States dealing with international parental child abduction. Therefore, there is no treaty remedy by which the left behind parent would be able to pursue recovery of the children should they be abducted to or wrongfully retained in Malaysia. Once in Malaysia, the child/ren would be completely subject to Malaysian law for all matters including custody. The United States is not a party to any treaty or convention on the enforcement of court orders. A custody decree issued by a court in the U.S. has no binding legal force abroad, although it may have a persuasive force in some countries. Furthermore, a U.S. custody decree may be considered by foreign courts and authorities as evidence and, in some cases, foreign courts may voluntarily recognize and enforce it on the basis of comity (the voluntary recognition by courts of one jurisdiction of the laws and judicial decisions of another).The Malaysian legal system is based on English common law. The Federal courts have original jurisdiction in constitutional matters and in disputes between states and reviews decisions referred from the Court of Appeals. In addition to high courts, the Peninsular Malaysian states and the East Malaysian States of Sabah and Sarawak have magistrate courts, session courts, and juvenile courts. These courts would have jurisdiction on civil law cases, including child custody disputes among Malays or other Muslims/indigenous peoples.By Constitutional definition, all Malays are Muslim, and the "paramount ruler", customarily referred to as the "King" is also the leader of the Islamic faith in Malaysia. Malaysia's official religion is Islam and Islamic (Sharia) law applies in family and religious matter for all Muslims. Although civil law cases are adjudicated under Islamic and traditional law, certain cases involving Muslims only are heard in Sharia courts and Sharia law applies in family and religious matters. Questions on specific Islamic laws as they pertain to custody rights should be addressed to a lawyer licensed to practice in Malaysia.In order to bring a custody issue before the local court, the left-behind parent will require the assistance of an attorney licensed to practice in Malaysia. Ideally, these orders and proceedings ensure due process under the local laws as well as providing protection for the child/ren. A parent holding a custody decree issued in U.S. courts must retain local Malaysian counsel to apply to the Malaysian courts for recognition and enforcement of the U.S. decree, or to petition for custody of minors. Although visitation rights for non-custodial parents are not expressly stipulated in Malaysian Civil Code, court judgments often provide visitation rights for non-custodial parents. Since compliance with the local court rulings is essentially voluntary, Malaysian police or local law enforcement are reluctant to get involved in custody disputes and could not be counted on to enforce custody decrees issued by the Malaysian courts.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

''my favourite past time''

Everyone has a favourite past time. I also have my memorable day. It is when my family and i spend a day at the beach. A place name pantai merdeka, we set out early in the morning. The drive lasted about two hours. As soon as we reached the beach we spread out the mats. We then laid out the things we had brought. We had plenty of food and drinks. The clear blue water was most inviting. We hurriedly changed into our swimming suits. It no time at all, we were splashing about in the water. We swam and played in the sea. On the such hot day, it was refreshing to be in a cool water. After about an hour we got out of the water to have a drink. Then it was back to the water again. At noon we stopped to have a lunch. Since it was too hot to swim then, we rested under a shady tree. Towards evening, we strolled along the beach admiring the beauty of nature. We saw hermit crabs making tiny holes in the sand. We also managed to collect some pretty and unusual looking shells. As the sun was sunset. we packet up our stuff and going back to home. It was my favourite past time that i do.....

Monday, January 19, 2009

"history of landslide"

recently, i had a shocked and it's not surprising that landslides has been occurred again around the area of Ulu Kelang. This incident happened almost every year especially in the monsoon month! According to AP, four persons has been killed wheareas 15 were injured. The bungalows were covered/closed with sands. The residents were expected to be evacuated to Sek.Keb.Hulu Kelang. The search-rescue operation is in the process. The causes of the landslides are human-activities like deforestation, poor drainage management and rapid development. Landslides kill people, destroy trees, crops and other plantations. This catastrophe could drastically affect everyone who lives near an elevated area. A single but relatively strong rainfall, thunderstorm, hurricane / tropical depression could make the soil erode, which will cause immense flooding, and will, definitely rage on the residents below.
More so, in the case of crops, without a doubt, the floods that could be casued by landslides will tremendously damage them, if ot totally wipe them out. However, all this can be prevented if illegal logging, and other unscrupulous practices against mother nature could be checked and controlled.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

''my funniest moment in my life''

it was a beautiful day,a gentle breeze was blowing and the sun was on the horizon. sarah and ran up a hillock when we reached the top we were putting and panting. we rest awhile, then walked around and plucking wild flower. later, we decided to sit under a shady tree. we looked into the distance and there was the small town where they came from. suddenly, my attention was drawn to a flying saucer. it was noiseless and shiny. it landed in front of we, then the door automatically opened. two aliens walked out the flying saucer. they were only about a foot tall. they had large eyes and headsbut their bodies were small. after a moment,they entered the flying saucer and zoomed off into a space. suddenly, i woke up with a start seeing my sister hitting me with her pillow "you are dreaming,"she said. then i remembered,last night i dream my friend and i saw a aliens.then i were laughing alone when remember my dream just now.that was my funniest moment.

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