Sunday, January 11, 2009

''my funniest moment in my life''

it was a beautiful day,a gentle breeze was blowing and the sun was on the horizon. sarah and ran up a hillock when we reached the top we were putting and panting. we rest awhile, then walked around and plucking wild flower. later, we decided to sit under a shady tree. we looked into the distance and there was the small town where they came from. suddenly, my attention was drawn to a flying saucer. it was noiseless and shiny. it landed in front of we, then the door automatically opened. two aliens walked out the flying saucer. they were only about a foot tall. they had large eyes and headsbut their bodies were small. after a moment,they entered the flying saucer and zoomed off into a space. suddenly, i woke up with a start seeing my sister hitting me with her pillow "you are dreaming,"she said. then i remembered,last night i dream my friend and i saw a aliens.then i were laughing alone when remember my dream just now.that was my funniest moment.


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