Saturday, February 7, 2009

''my favourite past time''

Everyone has a favourite past time. I also have my memorable day. It is when my family and i spend a day at the beach. A place name pantai merdeka, we set out early in the morning. The drive lasted about two hours. As soon as we reached the beach we spread out the mats. We then laid out the things we had brought. We had plenty of food and drinks. The clear blue water was most inviting. We hurriedly changed into our swimming suits. It no time at all, we were splashing about in the water. We swam and played in the sea. On the such hot day, it was refreshing to be in a cool water. After about an hour we got out of the water to have a drink. Then it was back to the water again. At noon we stopped to have a lunch. Since it was too hot to swim then, we rested under a shady tree. Towards evening, we strolled along the beach admiring the beauty of nature. We saw hermit crabs making tiny holes in the sand. We also managed to collect some pretty and unusual looking shells. As the sun was sunset. we packet up our stuff and going back to home. It was my favourite past time that i do.....


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